~PARA~Institute for Para Sciences
a paranormal tinkerer
We are talking about the medium and parapsychologist Albert Tomschi (A.T.), founder and manager of the Para-Institute, who has dedicated his life to para-psychological research.
He means: "I have already been paranormal since my 5th year of life and didn´t really like that attribute. Being paranormal the whole life is rather a burden and not really linked with the wish to express yourself in public.

The main problem is that parapsychology and the phenomenoms are mystified far too often. The older generation has put behind their features in a way that only few people have access on them and most of the time , the paranormal person doesn´t even know himself, how he can manage to create the phenomenoms. But it is only a sign of a not yet conclused development. At our age of aquarius  the number of those people with these attributes will increase again !
Keep in mind: Being paranormal is not an illness or desease, but a sign of spiritual development in former lives. Those people, however, usually only find their destiny after hard blows of fate. The change into an other state of conscious is hardly noticable in terms of a sufficient development.

Original-Videos with tone in German language!     
recorded were:
2 different lamp experiments. Experiments with drillers.
An experiment with a watch. 3 Levitations of a special kind and more.

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